Wednesday, October 3, 2012

teaching the 2012 elections

With the first presidential debate underway, I decided that the time was now to address teaching the 2012 elections. Politics can seem like a scary topic to teach, but with the right resources at hand, you can teach students about the process, the issues, and the candidates, and leave the decisions up to them.

The National Council for the Social Studies has a number of resources on the elections. Many of them are available only to members, but they link to several free resources as well. The New York Times Teaching and Learning Network has an election unit that could be adapted at many grade levels. Edutopia provides an overview of possible election projects and a political ad campaign project for high schoolers. Thinkfinity linked to a number of election season lessons and projects. C-Span Classroom has lots of great primary source materials for teaching about the election. You can find additional resources for teaching about the elections here, here, and here.

How will you be teaching about the elections in your classroom?

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