Friday, October 12, 2012

Apps_Documenting learning

With EM break coming up (for those of you in Minnesota), perhaps you'll have a few moments to check out some apps to incorporate into your teaching. Today, I'll share some cool apps used to create, document, and share learning in a variety of formats.

educreations is a free app that allows users to create files combining images, text, and audio on a whiteboard like surface. It can be used as a way for students to create a video documenting their learning about a particular topic, and it can also be used as a way to teach a certain topic to students. Create a free profile and videos can be uploaded and viewed publicly on the educreations website!

ShowMe is another app used to create tutorials. Similar to educreations (and also free!) I think this one is really easy to use right away. It's a way to document and record what you know about something. It provides a great template for students to use when presenting new learning, or to share with others about something they already know about. Like with educreations, tutorials can be uploaded to the ShowMe website and shared with others.

Skitch is an app that allows users to annotate and edit photos, screenshots, or other images and email or upload to other apps to incorporate into presentations. It is linked to Evernote, which is another tool for creating tutorials like ShowMe and educreations. Which means, that when you edit an image in Skitch, it automatically shows up in your Evernote files, ready to incorporate into a new presentation. Cool, huh?


Idea Sketch is a mind-mapping, outline creating tool. It allows users to create a visual representation of learning. It is pretty intuitive to use, and once completed, sketches can be emailed to the teacher, other students, or themselves for future access. This is helpful, given that most teachers have access to carts of iPads and don't have 1-to-1 iPad options for students.

What other apps are you using to document learning?


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