Monday, June 27, 2016

rejunvenation & reflection

Ahh, summer. We've built relationships, taught lessons, assessed learning. We're "not quite burned out but crispy on the edges." Now is the time to do what you can to rejuvenate and reflect. Teachers are often relieved at the end of the year, but the end of the year is bittersweet too. You and your students have accomplished so much, and it is helpful to take stock in how the year went, and what you'd like to work on next year.

Before you get too far from the end of the school year, spend some time reflecting on the year. Some great advice is included in this article to help teachers reflect on the year. Here are some more reflection questions you could use to prompt thinking. I also love this post by Elena Aguilar about reflection.

While some times it is difficult to carve out time to reflect on the year, especially if it was a difficult one, this reflection time is well-spent. You and your students will thank you next year for making this time for yourself!

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