Thursday, February 2, 2012

more tech links

We all know the benefits of technology. It can be a motivating feature of instruction and supplemental support for students. It can extend and remediate lessons. It cannot replace an effective teacher, but it can enhance instruction if used well.

I have a few links to share. It’s an eclectic list of sites and games, and I’m hoping you’ll add to the list with your comments.

First, Edutopia has a New Teacher Channel on YouTube. There isn’t a ton there, but there are a few videos that you might find helpful. You can subscribe to the channel to be updated when there are new videos posted.

Khan Academy has an amazing list of video tutorials for everything from solving basic algebra equations to half-life to currency effect on trade to SAT prep. Mostly high school level content, this site can be incorporated into instruction or provide support for students at home.

Two of my favorite sites are Wonderopolis and Sound Learning. Both include videos that can be incorporated into lesson plans. I like Wonderopolis as a model for students to create their own wonders.

And then there are games. Here are just a few links:

More tech to come. Leave a comment with your favorite links!


  1. Here are a couple more sites that I like:

    For today, here's my favorite iPhone/iPad app: check out Randomizer (it's free).

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