Tuesday, July 5, 2011

professional organizations: NEA and EM

One thing you will have to consider when you get your first job is whether or not to join the teacher's union. I'll talk more about this closer to the school year, but this summer is a good time to start learning about Education Minnesota and the national affiliates the National Education Association and the America Federation of Teachers.

Each of these organizations provides a great deal of information and resources for teachers. First, each organization provides information about legislative issues and policies. When I am trying to learn about what is happening with education at the legislature, both locally and nationally, I turn to these organizations to get me started. The organizations will let you know their official positions on issues related to education, give prompts for communicating with legislators, and as a member, you have the option to have a weekly newsletter or RSS feeds emailed to keep you up on the current legislative issues.

In addition to keeping you in the loop on legislation, these organizations provide professional resources such as lesson plan ideas, information on the common core standards, classroom management suggestions, and articles about teaching.  All three organizations have separate tabs of information for new teachers. Check it out here: Ed MN, NEA, AFT.

Now is a great time to start learning about these important organizations.

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What education issues are you most passionate about?
How will you stay in the loop on these issues as a teacher?


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