Friday, May 20, 2011

National Teaching Position Websites

Below you will find some links to websites providing job postings in education across the US, in the event that you are willing to or interested in relocating. Of course, you can also access these for postings in MN too! (here you'll create an account, and add in your license certification information to narrow your search; postings across US, not just MN)

Education America (Education America Network posts positions across the US. You can create a free account, but you can also search postings without an account.)

K-12 Jobspot (here you can search for positions without an account)

K12 Jobs (for this search site, you'll create an account to narrow your search within your licensure areas) (you can search here without an account, searching by location, level, and discipline)

Each state will also have several search options for teaching jobs, sometimes through their Department of Education office or independently run websites like some of those listed in the previous posting on MN-specific job sites.

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If you were to leave MN, where would you want to teach?

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