Thursday, October 11, 2012

teaching abroad

In summer 2011, I wrote a post about international teaching positions. I've been talking to a number of teachers (preservice and inservice) that are intrigued by the idea of teaching in another country.

Many teachers have the experience that they wanted to study abroad in college, but if they completed education as a major in college, it was difficult to fit into the demanding course sequence. Also, financially it can be difficult to make a study abroad opportunity work for some. But, that doesn't mean you lost your chance to live and work abroad.

There are lots of opportunities to teach abroad, and if you are seriously considering it, you'll want to look seriously at the UNI Overseas Recruiting Fair, held in January 2013. There is a cost associated, and those that register before Dec 3 get a cheaper price. If you're finishing your teacher prep program this and will have a license before Fall 2013 (or you're already licensed and looking for an amazing new teaching opportunity), check it out.

I've known several teachers that have gone to the fair, and secured teaching jobs in places like Greece, China, Thailand, Brazil, and Columbia. And have had life-changing experiences spending 2 years teaching abroad - gaining valuable teaching experience, as well as learning about another culture. Often, schools are looking for teachers with experience, but there are schools that will hire new college grads with the right qualifications for a certain position.

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