Friday, June 22, 2012

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A growing number of teachers have iPads for their own use in the classrooms, and many students have access to iPads in schools as well. With thousands and thousands of apps out there to use on these powerful tools, how do you decide? From time to time, I'm going to recommend some apps that will help you and/or your students. So here's the first installment, but please add to the list in the comments section with your favorites. For today, I'm going to focus on an eclectic mix of apps to help with social bookmarking and books/stories.

Social bookmarking has become very popular - many of you out there likely have Pintrest accounts and like to keep track of all the awesome cooking, gardening, parenting, decorating etc. ideas you come across on the web. There are also some education-specific social bookmarking sites that you might want to check out. This can be really handy if you're thinking ahead to the coming year - whether it will be a new position or rethinking what you did last year.
  1. Diigo - You probably already know about Diigo, but just in case you haven't checked out this social bookmarking tool, there are several app options for bookmarking through Diigo. Diigo also provides info on using Diigo in the classroom.
  2. Symbaloo - On Symbaloo, find links to great teaching sites in many content areas and interest areas. Add to the site or just take from what is already there.
Books. Now, I know that iPads provide really interesting ways to engage digital literacy skills, reading non-traditional texts. But there are also some great apps to access free(!!!) books and stories, for yourself or your students.
  1. ICDL - the International Children's Digital Library. The app gives you and your students access to all the books available in the ICDL database.
  2. Narrative Magazine is a nonprofit organization that publishes amazing short stories accessible through their app. You have to sign up,  but it is free.
  3. There are a number of apps for teen and adult reading: Kobo, WattpadManybooks, and Project Gutenberg.
Such a brief list, one that is only beginning. Will be reporting regularly with app recommendations for you and your students.


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