Friday, April 13, 2012

social studies resources (including Titanic-mania!)

I haven't provided some good resources for social studies teachers lately, so I thought I would pass along some great resources for you to look through in all your spare time (ha!). Here are some of my favorites. What are yours?

The Library of Congress has some amazing resources available for teachers found on their site and their blog: Teaching with the Library of Congress. I also love the map collections there. Virginia Tech has some cool modules on US and European History on their Digital History website. Annenberg Media has created some interactive modules as professional development in historical thinking and interactives for students as well. focuses on historical thinking, and because I believe in the power of music to tell a story and as a sense of context, the collection of posts about teaching social studies through music appeals to me. Teaching History with Technology also provides lesson plan and presentation ideas, and resources for collaborative research projects using technology. These barely scratch the surface, and are mostly history-related. I'll definitely do another post on this, as there are so many resources to share.

This is maybe a bit late, as the anniversary is this weekend, but perhaps students will still be interested on Monday! As for the centennial anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, one historian out there estimates that the only two things more written about than the sinking of the Titanic are Jesus and the Civil War. That might not be true, but what is true is that for 100 years, the Titanic and its demise has captured the attention of young and old. With the rerelease of the James Cameron blockbuster, many are obsessed all over again. The NY Times has an article with tons of links to passenger accounts and historical coverage of the sinking.  NPR's Planet Money did an interesting story about why people on the Titanic didn't panic that would be interesting to read with students. Teacher Larry Ferlazzo has an amazing list of websites for teaching about the Titanic disaster. The Library of Congress has some great resources around teaching tragedies (a la the Titanic).  History Tech has some cool iPad apps about the Titanic. There's also an interesting unit on media critical thinking posted here.  Thinkfinity has some great lesson plans linked to their page. Go to the site and type "Titanic" into the search bar and go!

And (unrelated but timely) don't forget about the TC2 Job Fair coming up on Apr 17 (next Tuesday!), open to teacher candidates prepared at the TC2 institutions, and the MN Education Job Fair on Monday, Apr 23, which is open to all MN university teacher candidates and/or alumni. Let us know how the events go!


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