Wednesday, March 21, 2012

upcoming education job fair_April 23

Next month, on Monday April 23, the 2012 MN Education Job Fair will be held at the Minneapolis Convention Center. The fair will be held from 10-3, though interviewing with districts may occur through 5 pm that afternoon.

This is an event open only to MN college and university students and alumni. In order to register, you must go through your college or university's career services office. You can find contact information for MN college and university career service offices here. Your college/university career services office may be planning an information session to help you get prepared for the fair, so visit the website asap to get that on your calendar.

The MN Education Job Fair site has a very helpful pdf download available with tips to help you prepare for the job fair. Look under the "Student" section on the left-hand site and click "Prepare for the fair." Aside from researching districts that will be there and completing applications ahead of time for the districts you are most interested in, the preparation sheet advises job seekers to have copies of an outstanding resume to hand out and prepare (and practice!) a 30 second "elevator speech," giving the highlights of who you are and your experience. You can search this blog for posts labeled "job search" for more helpful tips in prep for the Job Fair.

This is a great opportunity for folks about to graduate or those who have already finished but are still looking for a job or looking to switch positions. If any readers went last year, what are some words of advice for attendees?


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