Thursday, August 11, 2011

professional organizations: art organizations

One more professional organization post. This time for... Art teachers! You have great state and national organizations to consider as well.

The state organization is AEM-MN (Art Educators of Minnesota). Art Educators of Minnesota is the only professional organization for educators in visual art and media arts for the state of Minnesota. AEM serves K-12 teachers, museum educators, arts organizations, higher education instructors and students in art education certification programs. Join their Facebook page to stay updated on the latest AEM info. AEM's annual fall conference is coming up in November, and proves to be a valuable couple days learning about and with other art educators. AEM also organizes a spring conference every two years in Duluth in conjunction with the Duluth Art Crawl. Sounds like a great time! Aside from the conferences, AEM also organizes member exhibitions for members to showcase their own art exhibits. Pretty cool, huh? Check out more exciting info in the AEM newsletters.

Along with the state organization, the national art teachers' organization is NAEA: The National Art Education Association. The national NAEA Convention is being held in March in NYC. Fun!  On that page, there's tons of professional development info available - check out the great links. The site also has an instructional resources gallery to help with lesson planning. NAEA links to blogs and videos of mentor members to provide support for art educators around the country. And NAEA has several social networking connections for whatever platform you like best - Facebook, Twitter, Ning, LinkedIn, you name it. NAEA publishes advocacy information; as we all know, art education is often on the chopping block in school budgets. We need to advocate for this essential component of students' education! The site also has incredible links to research, publications, and policy briefings. Check out this great organization!

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