Tuesday, June 21, 2011

preparing for an interview: a few more tips

Here are a few more essentials to consider when interviewing...
  1. Your cell phone: You are not so important that you can't turn off your phone for an interview. Just in case, leave it in the car. That way you're sure it won't interrupt the interview and take away from the impression you're working so hard to create.
  2. Timeliness: Don't be late. I know this seems like a no-brainer, but you'd be surprised. When you are late to an interview, you are indicating that your time is more valuable than the interview committees. If you're worried about traffic, leave in plenty of time. Better yet, do a test run a few days ahead at the same time of day you'll be headed there, just so you know what to expect. Don't show up way too early, though. You want to be respectful of the committee and the other interviews they may be conducting. If you're really early, you can always listen to a few more songs on the radio of the car. Bring your anthem song to pump you up.
  3. Gum: You may not chew gum in an interview. I've seen it. To be honest, I have a habit of chewing gum when I'm nervous so I get it. However, I know better than to chew gum when talking in front of groups. When people are going to be listening to you talk, you want them to pay attention to your words, not be distracted by your gum. Besides, many schools have a no gum policy, so you don't want to turn them off right off the bat.
  4. Stay positive: You may have had a really tough student teaching placement. You'll need to be able to communicate this without descending into badmouthing the school or teacher with whom you worked. Being negative just won't work in your favor.
Next post: following up after an interview

What's the anthem song you'd play to pump you up before an interview?

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