Tuesday, May 17, 2011

MN Teaching Position Websites

So you've worked hard on your cover letter and resumes, and now you're wondering where to look for job postings. Finding postings for vacancies can be tough work, but here's a beginning list of some web resources for MN teaching job postings:

EdPost Listings (this site is specific to MN teaching positions, run by St. Cloud State)

MN Association of School Administrators (under 'Applicants' click 'Search for a job' and input your desired job information. You'll probably want to leave it as open as possible, with the exception of restricting positions to your licensure area.)

MN Teacher Recruitment Center (located within the MDE website, you'll create an account and view listings of open positions) 

Individual District Websites (this link goes to MN Dept of Ed lists of all districts and schools. Once you find names of districts you're interested in, you'll have to google the specific website information. Yes, this is a tedious process, but lots of folks say it is how they found their jobs! Once you identify districts you're interested in, bookmark the Human Resources or Employment page for the district and check back regularly.)

Land It! (this is not just for positions in the Education field; you'll be prompted to create a free account)

Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis (teaching positions within private Catholic schools in Mpls and St. Paul)

And don't forget about newspapers. Minneapolis Star Tribune and St. Paul Pioneer Press are good resources too.

Next posting: US-wide teaching position websites

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